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The company was founded BAGHIRA-SWEATERS Similarly, in 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic.
We hand-manufacture and sale of luxury yarns and sweaters.
All sweaters / with the exception of drawings /  on our website are original hand-knitted products of
BAGHIRA-SWEATERS and serves as a presentation of our yarns ..

Hello everybody , who loves my products from the BAGHIRA-SWEATERS company !!!
Because we sucesfull are able to produce more products then before, we are
able to give you a nice Christmas present with discount which is 25 %.!!!
These dicounts will be on the majority of our products and there will be
published on our company e-shop...
For exmaple by buying this sweater dress you save: 97.47 $ !! 

Because of these discounts facts we please you for be patient by the
delivering of the products. These discounts we started from
27 of October
2013, and the interest of clients is now very high.
That is also the reason why not to wait with ordering new products.
Some colours option of yarn will be soon sold...

With best regards Yours